A Man’s Guide to Wearing Shorts

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Shorts

Shorts, whether you like it or not, are quintessential summer staples every man needs in his wardrobe. But, men’s shorts are a tumultuous piece of apparel that has a lot of confusion around it.

The confusion and controversy around shorts is nothing new, though. If you know how to pick the right shorts, you can enjoy your summer while looking stunning. However, if done wrong, you’d be the center of attraction for all the wrong reasons. 

Men’s shorts have witnessed and undergone drastic changes in the last two decades, but there are some dos and don'ts that are timeless to picking the right pair of shorts.

That being said, our fashion stylists have some tips to pick the right shorts for you, irrespective of your build or height. But before we lay down the tips to pick the right shorts, we’d like to take a moment to shed some light on our clothing brand- Larry. 

We are a leading men’s streetwear store in Los Angeles. We got streetwear in our name; no way, we can go wrong with shorts. Right?

With that said, let’s get to the best tips for choosing the right pair of shorts for you:

Tips to Look Good in Shorts

  • Choose shorts as per your body type

Albeit basic, factoring in your specific body type is a thing that people either neglect or don’t consider while shopping for shorts or any apparel!

Men’s legs come in all different sorts of shapes and sizes; so, prefer to find a pair of shorts that suits your legs and not what seems to be attractive. 

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  • Wear shorts in a monochrome outfi

The simplest trick in the hat to elevate your style whilst wearing a short outfit is by clubbing it with a top in a monochromatic color scheme. 

  • Embrace colors in short

Men often don’t prefer bright colors when choosing shorts. But in our limited experience, we reckon that all men should embrace simple colors in their clothing- but with care. 

When choosing the right shorts for you, experiment with different colors and even solid shades. However, avoid big colors unless you have the style to carry them off!

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  • Experiment with different fabric

Whenever we think shorts, we think cotton. Cotton is great as a fabric, and we even offer it at our shop online! But, if you want people to turn their heads, then we’d suggest you experiment with different fabrics; for instance- linen. 

Linen is extremely breathable and lightweight. Similar to cotton, it wrinkles too, but wrinkles in linen look chic and stylish. 

  • Club it with a short sleeve shirt

When it comes to wearing shorts, our go-to preference is to club it with a solid polo or a simple t-shirt. But, wearing them with short sleeve button-down will make you look a little better; giving an impression that you have given some thought to your outfit. 


Whether you like it or not, at some point or the other, you ought to wear a pair of shorts. Our aim with this article is to help you decide and pick the best pair of shorts that make you look stylish and comfortable. 

In our little effort, we have crafted cotton shorts that will make you go about your day without any sweat or hassle. We strive to be the best men’s streetwear store in Los Angeles, but we can’t do that all by ourselves. 

Join our effort and share this blog with your friends who are either planning to get a pair of shorts or love to wear shorts, in general. 

Until next time.

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