Cotton Joggers: Your Best Workout Partners!

Cotton Joggers: Your Best Workout Partners!

Joggers, often termed sweatpants, have taken the fashion industry by storm. Whether you work out, walk, or have a sedentary lifestyle, we are sure you have a pair of joggers in your wardrobe. 

Joggers are great as pseudo-jeans that you can wear to work and still look stylish. But besides that, they are great for exercising. That’s mainly because they’re made of cotton or polyester- making them lightweight and comfortable; they also don’t fold at the ankle or crotch, enabling a better range of motion while exercising. 

There are various benefits to wearing joggers. In this article, we’d be highlighting the top 5 reasons to wear joggers while performing your exercise circuit. 

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That being said, let’s first address the qualities that make joggers universally acceptable. 

What makes cotton joggers so popular?

What sets joggers apart from jeans, shorts, or cargo are three fundamental qualities:

  • Comfortable Fit

Joggers are neither too baggy or skinny; they wrap around your leg leaving enough room for air to circulate and prevent perspiration. An added benefit with joggers is that you’ll never have to worry about getting them hemmed- as they generally come right to your ankle height. 

  • Breathable

Joggers are often made with cotton or polyester. Both these fabrics are breathable and allow good circulation of air. This quality makes them the first preference even for people who are looking to wear something casual. 

  • Elastic Waist & Cuffs 

Our cotton men’s joggers come with an elastic waist and ankle cuffs. To improve maneuverability, we even offer a drawstring to tighten and loosen the elastic as per your build. 

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With that said, let’s shed some light on the best reasons you should swear by wearing joggers while working out. 

5 Reasons to Wear Joggers When Working Out

  • Helps in Burning Extra Calories

Joggers, albeit made of cotton, tend to increase your body heat while working out. Your legs sweat more and to cool down, your body expends additional calories. These extra burned calories can create a major difference if you’re undergoing body recomposition, trying to lose fat, or preparing for a competition. 

  • Skin Protection

If you work out in the open, you need to wear clothes that protect you from the weather (including harsh sunlight), weed grass, and insects. While you can wear a cotton top to protect your upper body, cotton joggers can help protect your legs while offering other benefits. 

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  • Better Range of Motion

You can move around with little to no exertion while wearing joggers. This allows you to warm up properly, helping avoid any injury during the set. Thanks to the elasticity, you also get a better range of motion while performing leg-centric exercises. 

  • Keeps You Cozy

Picture this: It’s cold outside and you have to perform a series of exercises that involve your legs. If they are not warmed up, your risk of injury goes up exponentially. 

Joggers theoretically help reduce the chances of injury by trapping heat inside them; thereby, enabling your muscle to warm up and get ready quickly. 

  • Less Moisture

So far, we have been pressing on one point: Sweatpants (aka joggers) keep you warm. But the right question to ask here is: If they keep you warm, wouldn’t you feel sweaty all the time?

And fortunately, the answer is no! You wouldn’t feel sweaty as the fabric of sweatpants (for instance- cotton) is designed to absorb the sweat, ensuring good air flow and breathability at all times. 


Sweatpants are versatile- they are great for everyday wear and even better for workouts! But while choosing the right pair of sweatpants for you, you need to ensure that you are factoring in the right fabric!

And nothing can beat cotton sweatpants as they pose several advantages as we have discussed in this blog post. To get yourself the best men’s cotton joggers, visit our shop online at Laray. 

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Until next time.

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