How to Stylize An Oversize Hoodie

How to Stylize An Oversize Hoodie

Today, everyone loves baggy clothes. But there was a time when baggy clothes were just a streetwear style and an ensign of the hip hop revolution. It was neglected by the “official fashion trends” for decades, but not anymore! Enter any high-end boutique and you’d find fashion apparel with chunky fits, including oversized hoodies. 

But what is it about oversized hoodies that appeal to most people? Is it comfortable? Or is it street style? Or is it matching up with the influencers? We reckon that it’s the versatility that hoodies offer that makes them people’s first preference!

Let’s be honest- An average joe has a couple of hoodies and some of them are oversized!

As it’s all-year apparel, you ought to style it right! Just wearing a loose hoodie won’t make it oversized, or stylish per se. That said, we’ve compiled a list of tips you can use to stylize your oversized hoodie to look your absolute best, every single time!

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With that said, let’s outline the tips to style an oversized hoodie, easy and effectively:

Tips to Stylize an Oversized Hoodie

  • Go for a layered look

An oversized hoodie works as a great layering piece- whether you’re hitting a party, going to work, or prepping for your next workout session. 

To perfect this look, just wear a plain t-shirt beneath it or layer it with an oversized coat/jacket- and you’d be ready to slay the day!

  • Aim for balance

Whatever piece you try to stylize, aim for balance. You can always club an oversized hoodie with baggy pants- but not everyone can pull off that look!

The best way to stand out from the crowd would be to club an oversized hoodie with a tight bottom- it could be slim-fit ripped jeans or a pair of joggers. The contrast adds depth to your outfit, giving the impression that you have put some thought into it. 

  • Club them with joggers

Joggers are great! They don’t just tick the gym box now, they are the new streetwear trend that Gen-Z is obsessed with! Given the laidback connotation associated with oversized hoodies, it’s no surprise that they make a great pair with joggers.

The only thing that we ask you to take care of while clubbing your oversized hoodie with a jogger is that your hoodie shouldn’t be too long- otherwise, you run the risk of ruining the overall aesthetic. 

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  • Throw over a leather jacket

Pairing an oversized hoodie with a leather jacket just looks beautiful. You can pick any color of the leather jacket- tan, black, or any solid shade- it will complement your hoodie, no matter what!

To take your entire look a notch up, we would suggest you club it with a pair of Chelsea boots. That way- you’re bound to outshine wherever you go!

  • Accessorize your overall look

Accessories elevate your overall style, provided you choose the right ones and do not overdo them. To look your best in an oversized hoodie, you can pair it with a hat, a chic necklace, and even a watch (just ensure to roll up your sleeves). 

Pro tip: Since an oversized hoodie is more of a streetwear style fashion, nothing could complement it better than a baseball cap. 

Wrapping Up

An oversized hoodie is a fashion statement on its own, but you can elevate the overall look by following the tips that we just shared with you in this blog. 

Styling any piece of clothing is easy, but it requires you to be mindful of your choices. However, we also understand that styling is not for everyone and things can get overwhelming, real quick! 

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Making street style accessible and affordable. 

Until next time.

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