How To Wear Monochrome- Men’s Streetwear Edition

How To Wear Monochrome- Men’s Streetwear Edition

If you actively follow fashion trends on Instagram, you’d know that fashion influencers and different brands are promoting monochrome fashion like wildfire! Now, we’d assume that a majority of you will know what a ‘monochrome’ style is; but for those who don’t, let us quickly fill you in.

Monochrome, generally means, “one shade of color”. 

In outfits, monochrome translates to using different shades and textures of the same color to create an outfit that outshines you from the crowd. But as they say- The devil’s in the details. 

If you wear everything of the same shade, your outfit might look bland. If you add too many shades and textures, you miss the whole point of a monochromatic look. To make things easier for you, we have searched the internet to make a comprehensive guide on choosing the best monochromatic ideas for men. 

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With that said, let’s get straight into the tips. 

Monochromatic Outfit Tips for Men

  • Look for patterns

One of the biggest risks associated with monochromatic looks is looking boring. You want to go for a muted look, but also don’t want to get lost in the crowd!

The best workaround is using patterns. We reckon that patterns, especially checks can add some depth to your monochromatic outfit. Just try to be mindful while adding patterns; follow the key rule and add patterns to the top half instead of the bottom. 

  • Be mindful of shades

A monochromatic look requires you to play with different shades of the same color. You can use this to your benefit, by using the darker shades on the areas you want to hide and lighter shades on the areas you want to accentuate. 

Like the previous tip, you should always try to wear light colors over dark. For instance, you can pair a white shirt with a black bottom. 

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  • Choose the correct boots

When trying to pull off the perfect monochromatic look, you have to factor in the boots; a wrong choice can negatively affect your outfit. 

A general rule of thumb is to add white sneakers to your monochromatic outfit if you’re dressing for casual occasions. However, brown and black boots are perfect for winter too!

  • Pay attention to details

Details are the key to a good monochrome outfit. You can even pull off the look by wearing different shades of the same solid color, but not everybody can do that. Right?

We’d suggest you add unique details to break off your outfit into different recognizable and individual pieces of style. 

  • Code Grey

If you ever find yourself confused or in a rush- prefer to call the code grey! Grey, in our experience, is one of the best colors to make up a monochrome outfit. The color has so many shades that it allows you enough room to play around and build a brand new outfit from scratch- every single time!

  • Don’t Ignore Accessories

Accessories are a must for any monochrome outfit! Not only do they add more depth to your outfit, but give it the unique vibe that you’re looking for!

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Wrapping Up

You don’t have to stay wary of experimenting with a monochromatic look. If you have the basics right, you will look stylish- no matter what!

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