What Is Your Favourite Winter Fashion Trend: An Oversized Hoodie Or A Pump Jacket?

What Is Your Favourite Winter Fashion Trend: An Oversized Hoodie Or A Pump Jacket?

As we are heading towards winter, we might be thinking of our winter cupboard and what additions we would make to it this year. Well, we are here to drop in some suggestions. We will also list some stores where you can buy the best-oversized hoodie if it is your favorite apparel for winter. Let us first talk about the store, in case your curiosity gets to you.

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Winter Fashion Tips

Winter fashion is a bit tricky. One needs to stay warm and put on layers but, at the same time, have a trendy look. Here are some of our tips to look toasty and stylish:

  1. The first tip would be to put on three layers. Leggings and a wool turtleneck are possible base layers. These lightweight, breathable essentials will keep you warm without causing you to sweat. Your intermediate layer can have something thick, like fleece. Additionally, the outer layer, which can be a coat or your heavy weight cotton hoodie, acts as a wind and rain barrier besides giving you a trendy look. 
  2. Another tip would be to go skintight. Wind chill can be avoided with snug clothing. You can keep your inner layer tight to balance oversized sweaters and skin tight garments. Wear tights or leggings lined with fleece to keep your legs toasty under skirts and dresses. This way, you can put on trendy oversized clothes and avoid chills. 
  3. The uppermost layer of clothing should be long. Cropped puffer jackets might look the best on you, but you must cover the entire torso if you want to avoid catching a cold. You can keep cropped puff jackets for slightly harder days and the most frigid days; you can consider buying the best-oversized hoodie from LARAY. 
  4. Wear skirts with sweaters, and look chic. You can try pairing a knee-length dress with a bulky cable-knit pullover. A French tuck goes well with this look; you can accessorize with a striking belt to complete the outfit.
  5. Avoid wearing cotton clothes. We all love the comfort cotton offers, but let us save it for the fall wardrobe. It absorbs a lot of water, making it not so appropriate for the winter season. 
  6. Instead, you can invest in woolen items. It will keep you warm and dry the entire day. However, if wool makes you feel itchy, you can opt for cashmere. It is a type of wool with a soft finish. Wool is an absolute must for winter because it absorbs heat. 
  7. Accessories: We are not referring to conventional accessories, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can treat gloves and scarves as your winter accessories. These have a trendy look. With various hats and gloves, you can change things up if you wear the same coat every day. A vibrant cashmere cap can inject some color into a somber winter outfit. Additionally, wearing a hat is a simple way to keep your entire body warm. Thus, you will feel toasty and trendy at the same time. 
  8. Play with fabric: Another helpful tip to enhance your winter fashion game is to play with the texture. You can go for ribbed jackets, fur capes, leather pants, etc. These look unique, and the texture gives off a radiant look. 
  9. Lastly, choose your footwear carefully. The wrong choice of footwear will spoil the entire look. You can wear long boots, Chelsea boots, cowboy boots, sneakers, and whatever you like. However, remember, it must go well with the outfit and look. 

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You can stock your wardrobe with the items we suggested above, besides (obviously) having your best-oversized hoodie. Well, fashion is quite subjective. You might have your entire list of fashion tips in place already. One is always free to experiment with fashion.

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